June 9, 1993

Jan 28, 1993

Jan 16, 1992 

June 1, 1991 

June 26, 1991 

March 26, 1991

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This page contains 6 letters from Geoff Healey addressing details of both HAN9-R-238 and HAN9-R-250.  Geoff's letters offer his opinion from the early '90's that the Coupe is "most certiantly" the car that ran the 1968 24 Hrs of Le Mans (but like Geoff, this owner is not absolutely certian of that). It is a rare opportunity to be able to hear from the original builder of such historic cars.  Please read and enjoy these special letters. 

1968 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Coupe HAN9-R-238

Geoff Healey talks about the
Last Two Special Sprites

1969 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Roadster HAN9-R-250

Sadly, Geoffrey Healey died in April of 1994