David & Sam Healey's First Race

1968 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Coupe HAN9-R-238

1969 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Roadster HAN9-R-250

David Healey and his son Sam (Grandson and Greatgrandson of Donald Healey) participated in their FIRST EVER race and they did it with CVAR (Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing) at Eagle's Canyon Raceway just outside of Dallas Fort Worth Texas.

Clive Baker, ex-Healey Works Driver from the 60-70's was also there and raced with us too.

They all raced over 4 days, May 19-22, 2011, in several different sprites, including these two historic cars. 
This was an historic event, and everyone had a grand time.

This page includes many photos from the event, continue paging down to see all the photos.