The Restoration of HAN9-R-238

1968 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Coupe HAN9-R-238

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The Le Mans Coupe Restoration:

The restoration of this 1968 Prototype Sprite has been a 10 year process involving many talented craftsmen and Sprite Enthusiasts. 

Approximately 60% of the car's original Birmabright Alloy body was in sad shape from all the years of racing and modifications by numerous owners and has been reformed or replaced.  This owner still retains all the original replaced body panels in storage. 

The all steel tub/understructure was in very good shape and is completely original, still bearing some of the racing scars, but now with a fresh coat of primer and paint.  The roll bar and body understructure system had been modified slightly throughout the years so about 30% of this was refreshed during the rebuild.

All of the suspension, braking, and drive train components are original, but refreshed or rebuilt.  

This author/owner has chosen to restore and present the car as it ran in the 1970 24 hrs of Sebring in the Ring Free Oil Blue and Orange colors. This owner is also attempting to hold true to as much originality as possible in the restoration, with a few "more modern" attributes, particularly with regards to safety and reliability.   This car will be raced, as it was intended!

You will note that some of the restoration photos show the car with RED paint on the body panels. This red paint is from an earlier time in the restoration process when it was planned to present the car in the 68 Le Mans colors. 

The car is currently 90% mechanically complete and is being painted as of Feb 2010.

Pre - Restoration   1999