The 1969 12 hours of Sebring

1968 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Coupe HAN9-R-238

For the 1969 Sebring , Jim Baker and the Ring Free Team fielded 2 cars.   The 68 Le Mans Coupe (HAN9-R-238) and the 1968 Healey Targa Florio Coupe Sprite TFR6 which Clive Baker had been testing with the new Lucas Fuel Injection.  At the time, these two cars were the only fuel injected Sprites in existence.  Only a few months later the 1969 Tara Florio Roadster TFR7 would be newly completed in the Healey's Warwick Experimental workshop and be fitted with this same induction system. 

One driver team consisted of Jim Baker, Cliver Baker, and Paul Richards, who drove the Le Mans Coupe badged with the #71 painted in the Ring Free "Blue".

The second driver team was Janet Guthrie, Liane Engeman, and Donna Mae Mims...the first "All Girl Race Team" which raced TFR6 with #72 painted in the Ring Free "Orange". 

This page contains numerous photos from this significant event as well as a copy of the Racing Newsletter from Ring Free which chronicled the success.

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