1969 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Roadster HAN9-R-250

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Restoration of the 1969 Austin Healey Targa Florio Roadster TFR7

The restoration of this 1969 Targa Florio Roadster TFR7 has been a 10 year process involving many talented craftsmen and Sprite Enthusiasts. 

Approximately 40 % of the car's original Brimabright Alloy body was reformed or replaced as a part of this restoration.  This owner still retains all the original replaced body panels in storage. 

The all steel tub/understructure is completely original but now with a fresh coat of primer and paint. 

All of the suspension, braking, and drive train components are original, but refreshed or rebuilt.   see more about the engine & transmission

This author/owner has chosen to restore and present the car in unpainted, semi polished Brimabright alloy.  This is how as it came directly from the Healey's Warwick Experimental Shop where Geoff Healey commented "It looked so good, we never painted it".  Photos and a 3 page complete description of the car from Warwick can be found in "More Healeys - Frogeyes, Sprites and Midgets" by Geoffrey Healey, 1978, Gentry Books. 

This author/owner made every reasonable attempt to hold true to as much originality as possible in the restoration, with only a few "more modern" attributes, particularly with regards to safety and reliability.   This car is currently raced, as it was intended!

The car is 100% and is competing in Vintage races and attending shows.