The Coupe's Connection to the
1968 24 Hours of Le Mans

HAN9-R-237 and 238 were built to race Le Mans and other international endurance races.  After extensive research and some new documents found in 2014, this owner believes it is likey that this car, #238, was the Back Up car for the '68 Le Mans Race.  Other researchers have concurred.  Both 237 and 238 incorporated all the best technology and experience the Healey's had including a 5 speed transmission, large dry sumped oiling system, fuel injection, and a wind tunnel tested body.
The Le Mans Result (likley by #237):
15th place overall, 4th in P 1.3 liter class, a non-stop race covering 255 laps and over 2000 miles at an average of 94.5 MPH.

This page contains photos from that race, along with exerpts from Geoff Healey's recollection of the race as he recorded it in: "More Healeys: Frog-eyes, Sprites, and Midgets".

As a special treat for all you true "Healey" fans out there,
 click here to read 6 original letters Geoff Healey wrote in the early 90's about HAN9-R-238 and his difficulty in detemining which car actually raced at the
1968 Le Mans


1968 Austin Healey Prototype Sprite Coupe HAN9-R-238